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“Never allow a billionth of a billionth of an error”

All of our executives and employees will create a system that will guide and control aircraft safely by efficiently combining forecasting systems and developing communication systems.

Our Service

While 13 years we developed a drone-based ground guidance control system based on power line communication, installed it in the airfield, and conducted a project to safely guide and control aircraft.

ICAO systematically organizes ILCMS, SMGCS, and A-SMGCS, and upgrades the system to provide a system that meets the airport's facilities and requirements, and promises to provide complete follow-up and continuous service.

we plan to develop and upgrade ILCMS, SMGCS, and A-SMGCS based on our experience in SMGCS business at domestic and foreign airports this year. Also, we will challenge the global market with our own technology, which holds 4 patents and no one has ever realized.

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